The Bubble Bath




Raspberry bubbles

That sparkle and sizzle,

Circles of soap

That drift up and fizzle!


The scent of fruit

Ripe on the breast,

I lather and linger

And soak up some rest!


Adrift in a tide

That cuddles and cures,

The skin becomes soft,

And the heart rises pure!


I wiggle my toes

And stretch my arms,

Bouncing on waves

That soothe and calm!


The tap gushes fast

And splashes so sweet,

I close my eyes

And remember my feet!


The silence of bubbles

Is hypnotic and free;

This is an ocean

That belongs to me!


So tend to the door,

And answer the phone,

While Mommy enjoys

Her bath alone!

(c)2001 Anastasia Clark