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WELCOME to my website.
My name is ANASTASIA CLARK and I am a poet.

I grew up in Framingham, MA -a place which still calls my name to this day- especially in October. I have many fond memories, including being a POET-IN-RESIDENCE there way back in 1977-78! I am now 60 years old and have been writing poetry in my spare time for over 45 years. I have always looked forward to spending my middle-aged years hunched over a typewriter pumping out poetry. In this dream, I gaze out onto a lake- from a big old cabin with creaky floors, brass beds, hand-made quilts, a fireplace, and a huge porch lined with rocking chairs. I am working on my next best seller, while my devoted publicist staves off editors, publishers and curious fans. . . . In reality, I have a 36 yr. old daughter, 31 yr. old son- a 17 yr old granddaughter, 10 year old grand twins and a 13 year old step grandson ! I am married and currently reside in Suwannee County, FL. In reality, I write poetry in the wee hours of the morning-in my pajamas- with a cup of coffee by my side. There are no fans waiting outside my door. I have learned that the life of a poet is simply the life of an ordinary person. It isn�t all book tours and autographs and readings.

Writing poetry is a way of evaluating one�s day or one�s life, a way of reconciling the wrongs in one�s life,
a way of going everywhere without ever leaving the house, a way of resolving chaos- and for me, it is the ONLY way to breathe. . .